Research interests

My research focuses on the development of semiclassical methods on manifolds, with applications to spectral theory. Basically, the goal is to interpret various asympotical regimes in spectral theory (large total spin, large number of particles) as a semiclassical limit. During my PhD, I have contributed to the framework of Berezin-Toeplitz quantization in order to study the large spin limit of systems with a fixed number of particles. Toeplitz operators allow one to make sense of the usual two-dimensional sphere (for instance) as a configuration space of positions and momenta, to find a quantum equivalent of classical hamiltonians, and to study these quantum hamiltonians in the semiclassical limit.

Research articles

All of my publications and prepublications can be found on arXiv, and a subset can be found on HAL.




Working group "Principes d'incertitude et prolongement unique"

Below are some notes (in French) of a working group at IRMA during the academic year 2017-2018


Here is a library, and here is my Github page.